Building Muscle and Adonis Golden Ratio:

It is possible that you are skinny and you are not able to gain weight and still it is your wish to have big and strong muscles but you are not getting time to go to the gym or you do not want to. You should be aware of Adonis golden ratio. Don’t worry, if you doesn’t know anything about it, we will give you the knowledge about the same in this article.

What is this Ratio Exactly?

If you want to build body in a symmetrical way, the golden ratio is very much important. By applying and following this ratio, you may achieve the pleasing and appealing body that you have ever wished. This ratio especially designed for waist to chest proportion.

adonis golden ratio

If you want to get such a body that every type of wardrobe suits on you. You need to consider your Adonis Index so you need to develop your shoulders first and it has to be broader than your waist. In short, if the value of your waist is 1 then your shoulder should be 1.618 then it will be considered the perfect Adonis Index. If you are trying to achieve a perfect body with broad and strong shoulders with a narrow waist, you should plan right away whether you want to lose fat or building muscles. If you want to lose your fat, you should measure your shoulder and if you want to build muscles, you should measure your waist. Still, if you want to know about it – click here.


Adonis golden is the simple formula that everyone can follow easily. This is twelve-week workout and nutrition program for those people who want to build muscles in a proper way.If you will stick to the diet and nutrition as mentioned by Adonis Golden, you will surely get the shape that you ever wished to have.