E-Cigaretter- New Addicts of Cigarettes

Addiction is the way beyond the ages. There have been tails of the addicted king or yogis from history till present. The most common form of addiction in the centuries was of tobacco. People all over the world have used tobacco as sole source of addiction. In tobacco consumption also the most likable form was smoking. Smoking is a process in which we burn the tobacco at high heat using a material like paper which is easily combustible. This generates fumes of nicotine whose intake produces a high quality of nicotine kick which give the comfort to a smoker. Any smoker of the world is addicted to only burnt quality of tobacco and as such however they try they don’t like any other form of addiction.


E-cigaret is the most nearest form of addiction to cigarettes. It is also known popularly as Electronic cigarettes. It also uses nicotine to give you the kick required however it doesn’t use the process of combustion. Here a liquid nicotine is converted into vapor using heating it and this produces the vapor. The intake of the vapor gives you nearly the same feeling as smoking and also the nicotine present gives you the required kick.

There are many flavor of liquid present which can be used in E-cigaret and as such this holds an added advantage over the cigarettes as the addiction material. You can try Roskilde e-juiceor any other juice you want to try out. All these things are easily available online and you can purchase it according to your comfort at your own home. There is no legal restriction on E-Cigaret and as such it is easily available everywhere. This time you should give up your old addiction and try the healthier option available.