How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

According to several young icons like Wiz Khalifa, the hoverboard is the new mode of transportation. You never know in a few years time, that could very much be the case. With the increase in traffic and pollution, the only other simple alternative is the hoverboard. The hoverbaord is a considered as an expensive toy for the rich kids.


It is not so. You have to pay a price for it. But when you use a reputed brand that manufactures hoverbaords, you know that you are landing a durable product. So, how much does a hoverboard cost? The hoverboards come in several price ranges which are economical, mid-range, and premium.


Depending on their performance they are priced. The power of the hoverboard and the technology which is embedded in them will decide the pricing. Of course, you need to decide on the kind of features which are you looking for. If you are a beginner, then we would suggest you first try out the economical or mid range ones.

how much does a hoverboard cost

Hoverboard priced under $400 & $500


These are in expensive, easy to ride as they are very few features and switches. They are durable for the price and do not get damaged easily. You can easily change or replace the battery. The range is 12 miles which is pretty decent. The speed is moderate that is good for beginners. Even experts might find it difficult to go at faster speeds and hence the slower the better and safer.


The above details on the hoverboard price would have enlightened you to a certain extent. Hence, it is vital that you ensure you are purchasing the right kind of hoverboard for yourself. That is because, when you purchase poor quality products, then the chances of incidents and accidents happening are there.


You must read the reviews about the seller and then only decide on buying it from them. Remember to follow the instructions when trying out the hoverboard for the first time.