Know the causes and how to stop panic attacks

The science behind suffering a panic attack puts your mind at a state of delirium which has no answer. If you have been suffering from frequent anxietyattacks, it will make you question“how to stop panic attacks.”

With a distinct transition to the future, people all over the globe are suffering from attacks of panics. Knowing what is causing any sort of panic disorder, you could find a better way to deal with them.

Panic attacks can be controlled or dealt with by the use of medications. However, the solution by medicines can go wrong the other way and make a harder breakthrough. Panic attacks can increase in frequency with a hard dose of medicine.


how to stop panic attacks


Books and websites are available which preach how to control these panic attacks naturally without any medications.

The causes of panic attacks:

Exact causes for panic disorders are not known. But many studies reveal the possibility of biological and environmental causes for inflicting panic disorders on individuals.

Factors that contribute to causing attacks of panic:

  • Genes that are passed on:

Anxiety attacks run in theblood. Families have been studied to reveal the passing of such disorders in the progeny. It may be passed on to children by either both parents or one single individual.The genetically passed condition does not enable individuals to get rid of panic attacks.

  • Cranium Abnormalities:

Nervous disorders may be caused by the abnormalities faced by the brain to focus and make a decision. Many of such disorders are fully expressed in individuals with high intensified response to “flight or fight” mode by adrenaline.

  • Various substance abuses:

 Addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. can very much induceanxiety issues.

  • Stress:

Stress is the biggest cause to trigger panic attacks in humans. Major emotional events are a significant cause of the anxiety disorders.

Getting an appropriate panic attack solution can be discovered without the use of medications. Many guidance imparting books are now available in the market with very effective solutions.