Playing Games on Xbox One Becomes More Exciting

Playing games on Xbox One will become more exciting if you increase its storage capacity by adding external hard drives. You will be happy to know that the latest Xbox One can support USB 3.0 hard disk with a storage capacity of 256 GB or more. With Xbox One external hard drive you can load high definition games at a faster speed.

Xbox One has already created its market and it is equally popular as the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Those who have bought Xbox One at its launch might be thinking which files or games to be deleted for loading blockbuster games like Halo 5 because the internal hard drive is almost full.

Now, you don’t have to worry about loading huge games in your latest home video game console because Xbox One has a provision to increase its storage capacity. There are two advantages of adding an external hard drive to Xbox One.

•    It gives you more space for games

Xbox One comes with 500 GB hard disk. But you will realize that when after loading the operating system and three games you will be left with free space of only around 208 GB.      The remaining space is not enough even for compulsory game updates. Therefore, Microsoft has added this feature of adding the external hard drive for Xbox One.

•    It takes less time to load games in external hard drive

If you run Xbox One games from an external hard drive you will experience enhanced performance.  The external drive is connected at USB 3.0 port which has a faster connection compared to the SATA II which is used to connect the internal drive.

Buying external hard drive for Xbox One is really sensible. There are several companies, such as Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba, who manufacture hard disk drive with high storage capacity. But before purchasing the one for your game console please compare several things, such the sequential read/write speed of the drive, its rotation per minute, and Form Factor, so that you get better performance.