What fabrics to choose when buying party tents?

When deciding on party tent, you will be confused what fabric to choose. You will be confused what to settle when you buy party tents of polyester or poly-cotton fabric.   Some of the fabrics are also quite expensive with fabric as the deciding factor. When deciding on tent material you have to first decide for what occasion you will need it. So let’s discuss different tent fabrics used:

  1. Man made nylon and polyester: These fabrics are quite common for tent making. When buying family tents people mostly go for polyester whereas nylon is best as backpacking tent because they are quite light weights. Well if you are thinking why to go for these fabrics then below are your answers

party tent

  • They are quite cheap and are affordable so most of the people usually go for these tents.
  • When going for backpacking ones or 10 x 20 party tent, they are light weighted. Made of natural fabrics they are usually less bulky and easily carried to many places. That’s the reason it is quite in demand.
  • They are easily maintained and don’t require much work. It also dries put easily. These are most of times water or UV resistant.
  1. Cotton and canvas: This fabric had been there from many centuries and usually doesn’t get hot in warm weather. It is breathable so nit coated with any kind of coating. But still it provides protection from UV and water. They can be heavy but are long lasting.
  2. Poly-cotton: These are a combination of man-made polyester and cotton. It has the good properties of both the materials with polyester being weaved into it. Usually cotton tents absorb water but this type of material makes it easy to use as it becomes much more resistant but these can be very much costly.